Thirty in Thirty Day 30        10 things I Learned

I made it! I challenged  myself to write and post  on my blog every day for the month of September as a way to jump-start my writing practice after several months away from it.

Here’s what I learned:


1.    I love and need to write. I didn’t realize how much I had missed it until I started doing it every day. Writing keeps me centered and is a much-needed outlet for my restless “monkey-mind.”

2.    I need more structure than I realized. I thought I could be somewhat casual about my writing schedule and things would happen when I was ready. Nope. Knowing I had to write and post every day kept me thinking about writing all day. Plus it got me up to my studio and in my chair where the work could take place.


3.    I can make time to write every day.  It has to be a priority.

4.    I can write under pressure. No waiting around for the “muse” to show up. I had to be at my desk and let her find me already at work. Knowing I needed to write something every day helped me generate more ideas.

5.    I like to write a lot of different things. I used the month to experiment with various genres and formats: fantasy, realistic fiction, essays, memoir, and even some poetry. Some were easier and more successful than others, but I enjoyed trying my hand at all of it.

6.    I have a hard time following rules when it comes to writing. I like writing to prompts when they spark an idea, but sometimes they are too restrictive. After about a week and a half of writing to the prompts provided I had to go my own way and just write what I wanted.

7.    I like having an audience for my work. I have written for years and have notebooks filled with stories, but most have them have never been shared with anyone. I enjoyed putting my work out and knowing someone is reading it.  It is a bit intimidating to do, but it got easier as the month went on.

8.    I need to be more organized with my work. I need to figure out a better system for keeping track of my ideas and stories. I will not be using Excel since spreadsheets send me over the edge, but I need something I can use effectively.


9.    I want to try another writing challenge. I am thinking of doing NANOWRIMO again. This challenge involves writing an entire novel ( approx. 50,00 words) in the month of November. I did that four years ago.

10.  I am ready to get back to working on one project at a time. I allowed myself to jump from one thing to another this month. Now that I have lots of beginnings and ideas, I want to pursue one until it is a shiny finished project.

If you stuck around all month, I appreciate it.

Thanks to all of you who offered feedback. It is gratifying when someone takes the time to make a comment.

I will be back to posting once a week.  Again, Merci!