Thirty in Thirty Day 16

So again, the rebel in me did not want to use today’s prompt provided by  Sometimes a prompt just doesn’t resonate at a certain time. I decided to use a phrase from I book I have been reading. When I came across it a week or so ago, I wrote it in my notebook because it evoked such a powerful image.  It is from Michael Chabon’s biographical novel, Moonglow.



The prompt: “ a brain letting in shadows and leaking dreams.”


I am continuing to explore my characters for my middle grade fantasy. I am spending time again with Mariah, who is the  mother of my protagonist , Olen.



It’s no use. After Elder Phineas and Master Robert showed up at our home last night, I knew my fate had been decided.  The Elder Council has called a mandatory town meeting for this afternoon. That can only mean one thing: banishment.  I think it devious and cowardly that they have chosen to do it now while Reuben is away on a harvest. But that is typical behavior for the Elders. I was surprised when they showed up last night, making their threats and looking for contraband. They didn’t find the books. They were well hidden.  Still, they have enough “evidence” for trumped-up charges if they choose. They claim I have not been a proper mother for Olen nor a productive member of the community. One of those claims is valid. I have hidden myself away in the cottage since The Fall. I saw no point in joining in with the other women to gossip and shop and pretend that life is fine.  As to being a poor mother, well I disagree. I might not have been like the other mothers, but I did take good care of my son in the way I thought was right. I tried to instill imagination and wonder into his mind and heart by telling him stories of Before  and about the Maker. I guess that was a mistake. All of that has just brought Olen trouble in school . I have made him discontent with my refusal to let go of the past.  I just wanted to keep the memory of the old world alive. No one else talks about it anymore. Their minds are now as clouded and dim as our surroundings. Life has become nothing but survival for them. What’s the point in that? Without dreams and hope, well…

 Anyway, I am not waiting until the sentence  is handed down.  If I must leave Tirren, it will be on my terms. I don’t know what is out there, but I will take my own path into the wilderness. When everyone is at the Council  Hall, I will make my escape. No one will expect me to be that bold. Who knows how long I will survive beyond the village walls? Perhaps the end will come mercifully soon. My departure will make things easier for Olen and Reuben. For me it is too late.