Thirty in Thirty Day 14


Another day filled with author talks and readings at the Ashe County Literary Festival After a long day, but fulfilling day, I needed something “short form” to complete my challenge. I found another great prompt from the archives of


Prompt: Write a familiar story in an unfamiliar or unconventional way.


I decided to choose a familiar historical figure and create a poem. When I taught in the primary grades I often wrote such poems to help teach important concepts. Children ( and adults, too) easily learn and remember information that is taught in rhyme or song.


It’s not great  ( or even good) poetry,  but it serves the purpose and the prompt. Day 14 of Thirty in Thirty is complete.


George Washington



George is called Our Nation’s Father

Famous for when he crossed the water

Of the Potomac, front of the boat

A daring feat, some would note.


Quite a horseman in his day

In the pitch of battle he would stay

Even when his horse was shot

George fought, a coward he was not.


Our first President by acclamation

He led our new, idealistic nation.

He served two terms and then was through.

Said he, “ It’s time for someone new.”


He may not have chopped a cherry tree

But a forthright and truthful lad was he

He led the country as it began

And is remembered as an honest man.