Literary Festival! 



Today was a great day for a book lover and writer. I attended the first day of the Ashe County Literary Festival, “On The Same Page.”  Early this morning I spent two hours in a critique workshop with Georgann Eubank. Next we enjoyed  an hour with a fabulous NC author, Robert Inman, sharing his newest work and his ideas about the  writing process. Attended a luncheon called The Writer’s Movable Feast.  After a fabulous lunch, five  authors circulated among the tables and talked about their work and answered questions. Then tonight there was another 2 hour workshop on the writing process in crafting short stories  led by Tim Gatreaux.

The festival continues through Saturday. Looking forward to the other sessions.


Since I was involved in reading and writing  most of the day I decided that a very short response to the day’s events was enough. I chose to craft a haiku to succinctly capture my impressions.

Writers and readers

Gathering together and

Celebrating words.