Thirty in Thirty Day 12

Happily Ever After?  Snow White Ten years later.


The prompt for today was make yourself laugh or cry with your writing.  No crying here. I had such fun with a new take on a fairy tale yesterday, I decided to go with that again. So I wrote about what comes after “Happily Ever After.” Good laughs for me and I hope for you as well.



Dear Messrs. Grimm,

Thank you so much for your request for an update on my story. Yes, it was a “fairy tale” for the ages.  While I am flattered that on the 10th  anniversary  your readers want to know what happened next, I am fairly certain the rest of the story may not be as well received as the original.

You have assured me that your readers are sophisticated enough to realize that “happily ever after” may not be entirely accurate. Fair enough.

You have requested details of the wedding, honeymoon, and our lives afterward, including news about our “growing family.”  You seemed unfazed by my response that the Prince and I prefer our privacy. I believe your response was that since we are part of the Royal Family and supported by onerous taxes ( your words, not mine) on the citizens, then we cannot hide behind the crown. Fine.

This letter will contain all of the information that I am willing to share. You may use it as you wish. There will be no in person interview at the castle nor any pictures provided.  You asked for a real story and gentlemen, you are going to get it.

When I rode away from the dwarves’ cottage with the prince, it was the happiest day of my life. Since then it has been a series of compromises, adjustments, and disappointments.

 ~ The wedding; I was like any other young woman and had visions of what I wanted my wedding to be. I desired a small affair in the palace gardens with my woodland creature friends and of course, the dwarves in attendance, along with Edwin’s family. I wanted a simple dress and flowers in my hair and a lovely picnic afterwards.

 Eddie’s mother, Queen Evelyn ( or to me Evil-a) would not hear of any of  that. She insisted on an indoor wedding  in the grand ballroom with all of the leaders of the other kingdoms in attendance. She refused to even discuss inviting my animal friends or the dwarves even though they were my only family. Her words were “No vermin and no half-humans will be allowed into the castle.” I had to wear the gown that had been handed down through the family, a heavy, ugly, ruffled affair that smelled of mothballs. I seethed through the entire affair and was relieved when Edwin and I left on our honeymoon.

 ~ The Honeymoon I thought that we could be rid of so much interference in our lives, but I was sadly mistaken. Our “romantic” trip through the countryside was turned into a series of “state visits” arranged by King Phillip to shore up relations with the other kingdoms.

I was bored out of my mind with the endless processions, balls and formal dinners. Whenever I could manage I would escape to the gardens of the palaces we visited. I spent much time hiding behind hedges and rose bushes. Edwin was sympathetic, but he has been trained toward duty to the crown.

Don’t get me wrong. Edwin is the best part of my life in the castle. He is kind, romantic and thoughtful. But he is cowed by his parents and is burdened by the expectations of being heir to the throne.

 ~ Family Life Speaking of heirs, let your readers know that we have six .  Yes, six babies in ten years. I have spent most of the last decade in maternity clothes and exhaustion. The first four were girls, so, of course we kept going until there was a male heir. After that we needed a “spare”. Thank goodness the last one was a boy as well.  I love my children, but six under the age of seven is too much. Someone is always wet, or crying our getting into  mischief. It’s not so different from living with the dwarves except that there were no dirty diapers. 

I’m sure your readers think that I have help with the children.  Well…you cannot believe how many nannies we have gone through. The work load is too much for them. Just trying to keep everyone in clean underwear and socks is a constant battle. And don’t mention trying to find  all of the shoes when it is time to go out. I’d quit too, but I’m the mother.


`The Castle  I am sure there are many romantic notions about living in a castle. Let me dispel those quickly. First it is cold, musty, and drafty.  Secondly, I live with my in-laws. Enough said.

I think I have answered all of your questions. I will not respond to any further correspondence from you.


Snow White