Thirty in Thirty Day 11

As was true yesterday, the prompt from for today was underwhelming and a non-starter for me.  So I went back in their archives and found a prompt from 2016 that I liked much better.


(Self_selected ) Prompt for today: Rewrite a fairy tale: modernize it or tell it from a different character’s  Point-of-View, or create  a new ending.


Ah, now there’s a prompt I can work with. So, today I have a modern retelling of Little Red Riding Hood  from the grandmother’s POV.



I’ll tell you what, it’s getting so’s a body can’t have any peace these days, You would think at my age I’d finally have earned the right to a quiet weekend without being bothered. I hope that Saturday’s “adventure”  isn’t a sign of things to come.

Retirement is supposed to be a slower pace. Well, if yesterday is any indication, retirement is going to be too much for me.

It’s all the fault of my meddlesome daughter-in-law. Why, she can’t  leave me alone for one minute! She wants to come over here every weekend or send that kid over for me to entertain. It’s not my fault my son’s job keeps him traveling so much.

If Ellen’s  lonely, she only has herself to blame. She’s the one who wanted to “get away from it all” and live way back down in the woods. Thought it would be peaceful and safer for little Rosie. Now neither Ellen or the kid have any friends.

I guess it was my mistake choosing a retirement village that was within walking distance –if you go through the woods. I didn’t know when I moved in that I would have to contend with Ellen’s constant calling, interference and just “dropping by.” I wanted to be close enough for the occasional visit, but it has gotten ridiculous.

Anyway, yesterday was the last straw. After four weekends in a row of entertaining Ellen and Rosie, I decided enough is enough. I wanted to have a quiet day at home so I could dive into the latest Stephen King novel and start on a new sewing project. I was all set to read and later sew while streaming jazz on my laptop.  I even had planned a special lunch for myself home-made pesto over cheese tortellini and  nice glass of chardonnay. Ellen doesn’t approve of eating gluten or drinking alcohol. When she comes for lunch it’s nothing but salads and organic juices.

Now you might be thinking that since I’m retired I could do all of those things during the week, but my schedule is packed. There’s bridge club on Tuesdays, garden club on Wednesdays’, tutoring at the adult education center on Thursdays, and of course keeping the books for the condo association on Mondays and Fridays. Weekends are my respite, unless I have a date.

 I digress.  Suffice it to say I had my day all planned when Ellen called and wanted to go into town and go shopping-again. So I told her I was sick with a cold and I planned to rest. Well, I could tell she was concerned and she agreed that I should stay home.

Little did I know she would get so worked up. Instead of going on shopping and leaving me alone she began baking and making soup for me. At about 12:00 she sent little Rosie through the woods to deliver a basket of chicken soup ( which I detest), watercress sandwiches on gluten-free bread ( ditto), some nasty looking  green juice, plus cold pills and aspirin.

I didn’t know all of this until a bit later. I had taken a break from reading and sewing and was getting ready to practice my yoga via YouTube when I heard a knock on my door.  Through the privacy glass on my  door I could see the distorted image of Rosie in her red coat and hood.( She wears that coat constantly. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t made it for her.) I hurried to grab my bathrobe, flung myself down on the couch and called out in my best feeble voice for her to come in.

Rosie entered and hurried over to me without closing the door. I had just opened my mouth to tell her to close it when a huge hairy-looking creature burst into the room. It looked like a wolf. Rosie screamed. Goodness gracious that girl’s shrieks could pierce concrete.

I jumped up from the couch, grabbed her by the hand and dashed into the bathroom where I flipped the lock. Rosie continued screeching. I reached over and pushed the emergency button. All of the bathrooms at the retirement village have them, You know, in case someone falls or something foolish like that.

The sounds outside the bathroom turned from growling to what sounded like laughter. A muffled voice called out, “ Hey Thelma it’s just me.”

Then the security  people showed up shouting and radios crackling. I opened the door and peeked out. The officers had the wolf cornered and then dragged him outside.

Turns out the “wolf” was one of my son’s weirdo friends from high school.  That fool, Wally,  had gotten himself  a role in a rock video. After the taping he had gotten drunk  and decided to show up in costume and scare me. Wally never did like me. Needless to say the feeling is mutual.  Now he is in jail charged with home invasion.