Thirty in Thirty Day 8


Today’s prompt from Story A Day was to write a gender swapped version of a story. I decided to take one of the characters in my WIP and do this. So I changed Waterwoman, an old woman, to the Seakeeper , an old man. Although this piece of writing is short it yielded some new information. I may try this exercise with other characters as well, just to see what it reveals.




I am called the Seakeeper. It is not my true name, which has been long forgotten over the many years I have been residing at the Sanctuary. Long ago this place was both a lighthouse and a place of worship. Now it is a mere relic of the time when ships roamed these waters and when people believed in a higher power. I was here in the time Before and I recall the wild beauty of this place: the sea teaming with life, the skies filled with birds and the shimmering sand. I remain here now in a drastically change landscape because, even though there is little for me to do, I have nowhere else to go. I am waiting and watching-for something, for someone. I spend my days looking toward the ruined sea where colorful boats used to ply the waves. I   take watch down the rocky terrain of the beach littered with bones and the detritus of the past.


Do I have faith that the old prophecy will come true? I used to. Now it is harder and harder to believe. How could anyone or anything right all that is wrong?