Thirty in Thirty Day 5


Still exploring the voices and Points-of-View of the characters in my WIP. Today I am visiting with Ciela. Waterwoman’s servant. Ciela is not human in appearance. I will save her physical description for another day. Today I want her voice and personality be the focus of attention.


Prompt: “ It was the smell that caught my attention first…”

Ocean Sanctuary

I met my first human child today. A boy. During the thunderstorm Waterwoman came down from her room and said she thought she heard someone knocking at the door of the sanctuary. I told her it was probably just the wind rattling the door, but she insisted on going to make sure. She had an odd, excited look on her usually serious face. We did not often have company, being so far from any villages. I wanted to go with her but she told me to prepare some food for our visitor and to bring plenty of towels. I did as she commanded, although I was certain it was totally unnecessary. I heard the creaking of the door being opened as I made my way up the stairs to do her bidding. I stopped midway up the curved stone stairway when I heard an unfamiliar voice respond to Waterwoman’s greeting. So the old woman was right. I shouldn’t have doubted her. I hurried on up the stairs to complete my tasks. She would be displeased if I didn’t return promptly.


Sometime later I headed down the steps with a tray holding soup, bread, and fruit. I carried the towels folded over one of my upper appendages. I could hear the sound of a high-pitched voice murmuring in response to Waterwoman’s gravelly one. Well, this would be an interesting diversion from the tedious routine. Perhaps there would be news from somewhere.


As I made my way into the sanctuary it was the smell that caught my attention first. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced – a combination of mud, boggy water, and wet fur. My sense of smell is quite keen and the scent caused me to grimace and step back.


Waterwoman called, “ Ciela? Is that you? Come meet our young visitor. I am sure he is famished. I hope you have those towels. He is soaking wet.”


I proceeded into the sanctuary. Waterwoman was seated next to the wettest, dirtiest and most bedraggles creature I had ever seen. I realized that it was a human child despite his animal-like aroma. So this was what a boy looked and smelled like. My first impression was not favorable.


I realized that I was staring. But then, so was he. I’m certain he had not seen the likes of me before either.


We both quickly remembered our manners. I smiled and walked toward him with the tray extended. I hoped I wouldn’t have to touch him. He jumped to his feet and clasped his hands in front of his ragged coat and nodded. “Hello. I’m Olen.”


Ocean Sanctuary