Day 3 Thirty in Thirty


I am continuing to explore the characters in my WIP, a middle grade fantasy. I am using the prompts from Story In A Day as a jumping off point for getting to know the characters better.



Prompt: “She could hear the seagulls crying ,or were they laughing…”


I am called Waterwoman. I do have another name, a name from long ago, but I have been called Waterwoman for so long, there is no one alive who recalls the other but me. Those who live here with me in this solitary land along the ocean were not around back then. So that is who I am.


They call me that because they think I control the sea. I do not, but I have given up trying to convince them otherwise. There is one greater than I who controls the sea. He has many names, but I call him The Maker. Very few believe in The Maker anymore. As a result of The Fall, that is somewhat understandable. It is hard to believe in a higher power or being who would permit such a thing to happen.


Still, I believe, even when it seems foolish. I am too old to change now. Unlike the young ones I was here Before. I understand what they do not wish to know. It was the workings of human hands that caused The Fall, not The Maker.


Now I am waiting. I remain here in this forbidding place because I must. I am waiting for someone to arrive. A prophecy was foretold, that one would come who would need my help to accomplish great things. So I wait.


This morning I heard the seagulls crying outside my window. My servant, Ciela, said it sounded as if they were laughing. Laughing, crying, it doesn’t matter. What is important is that they are back after a long absence.


I hurried to my window and looked out. Outside the beach was hidden by a low swirling fog. I could not see the gulls, but I could hear them above the whistling wind. Then, through the mist I saw two tall figures lumbering through the sand.