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Coming Home At Last: Part 1

Coming Home At Last: Part 1

  Our Home in Ashe County


Three months ago my husband and I began a whirlwind and ( mostly) unplanned transition into a totally different lifestyle. I had hoped to document the adventure along the way, but time and circumstances did not allow for that to happen. The dust has finally settled and I am now reasonably able to construct meaningful and sequential sentences again. The story with all its answered prayers and serendipitous events can now be shared.


Last summer, my husband and I began to consider purchasing a second home in the mountains or foothills of North Carolina. Our desire was to have a place to escape the crowds, noise, traffic congestion, and heat of our city of residence. After some research, exploring, and talking with friends and acquaintances, we centered our search in Ashe County late last fall.


We fell in love with the area right away. Beautiful scenery, a lovely town filled with art galleries and antique shops, a thriving writing and arts community, and kind, friendly people.


Our goals for a mountain home were a bit of acreage, long-range mountain views, and a small home that would be easy to maintain. I was adamant about not spending my “get-away” time cleaning a large house. I had one of those already. We also had a definite budget in mind.


By mid-December, after spending month and a half looking at houses that did not fit the bill, we decided to take a hiatus on our search. We were a bit weary and discouraged at our lack of success. We told our agent we would resume house-hunting in the spring when there might be more inventory.


A couple of days later he called and told us we needed to come up right away. A cabin that fit our criteria had just come on the market. We headed back to Ashe County and followed him down a winding mountain road to an area called Grassy Creek near the Virginia border.

 Side view from the porch swing

Upon exiting the car at the log cabin of our daydreams, we turned to see the most spectacular views one can imagine. My exact words were “ Wow, wow, wow!” ( not my most eloquent moment!) I knew the house was destined to be ours before we even went inside: land, both mountain and river views, and a huge front porch just made for a porch swing. The inside only confirmed it. It was everything we had hoped for including a studio space for me to write in and a workshop for my husband. On January 23rd of this year it became ours. That first night we slept on a memory foam mattress in front of the kerosene heater in an otherwise empty house.


We had a marvelous time outfitting the cabin from scratch. We were like a betrothed couple, choosing dishes, linens, pots and pans, and furniture. After several major shopping sprees we were ready to settle in.


We began coming up every weekend, decorating, exploring the area, and relaxing. As winter gave way to spring, we began to lament having to return home to the noise and crush of city life. We started trying to figure out how to make Ashe County our new full-time home.


There were several obstacles that needed to be overcome in order for our dream to become a reality. The amazing events that transpired will be shared in Part 2.












  1. Sherry Williams

    August 24, 2017 at 4:02 pm

    Dana – this was great but it needs to be twice as long. Maybe the sky was falling and you just couldn’t get to it?

  2. Love the story view and your happiness!!!

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