Wordplay Wednesday     Sneaky Spring



I have always loved watching the change of seasons, especially from winter to spring. When I still worked full-time I was often too busy to observe the alterations in my surroundings until they were completed. I’d look around and the trees were full of large green leaves seemingly overnight.


Now that I am retired, I spend a lot more time outdoors and I am quite intentional about noticing the transformations taking place. Every morning I walk my dog along a greenway near my house. It accompanies a creek that flows through a park, a residential area, and behind a neighborhood shopping center. There are numerous varieties of shrubs, flowers, trees, and plants along the greenway, which make for an interesting and ever-changing landscape.


This year I have been super focused on paying attention to the changes as winter wound down in an untimely manner in late January. The warm temperatures had the trees budding early and the daffodils popping up way ahead of schedule. Since we take the same route each morning, it was easier to see the gradual changes from tiny buds, to blossoms, to full blooms on the flowering cherries, forsythia and Bradford pears. Meanwhile,  the browned grass gave way to green sprouts and dandelions.


Still, nature uses her sleight-of-hand to continue to surprise me. While I was marveling over the profusion of yellow flowers on the jasmine and the emergence of the wild violets, the trees that held white and pink blossom just last week trotted out their bright green leaves while my attention was diverted.

“How did that happen?” I said aloud to the trees. “I  thought I was really observant this year.”


I sensed a voice whispering in the wind. “ That is my secret, my dear. No matter how close you watch, the miracles still happen as if by magic. Presto! But thank you for your kind attentions. Enjoy the show.”


I do and I will. Happy (Almost) Spring!