Happy Blog-A-Versary!


One year ago I launched my blog, Writing Toward Home. (Actually it was on February 29 and I called my first post “Launch Day Leap Day!” ) Leap Day was the perfect time to take the leap into the blogosphere after thinking about it for over a year.


Initially I wanted my blog to be about encouraging everyone to write because I believe it is a fabulous practice for reflection, inspiration, healing and enjoyment. As I continued posting I realized that I had other topics and ideas I wanted to explore so the posts have strayed from their original purpose. I decided to begin writing about whatever topics or ideas I found interesting and I hoped they would resonate with others.

startup-photos project

My posts have been a combination of writing encouragement, wordplay exercises and explorations, writing prompts, imaginative writing and personal essays. I have written about palindromes, pangrams, poetry, word lists, keeping a Lexicon, along with stories about chickens, dragons and princesses as well as some of my favorite memories and family stories.

Initially I posted two or three times a week and soon realized that was too often for me and my readers. I needed more time for my other writing projects: a novel featuring magical realism, a Middle Grade fantasy as well as some short stories and essays I have been submitting to various publications.

I have settled on Wordplay Wednesday as my day to publish on the blog. (I have always loved alliteration. It must be the teacher in me!) Recently life, family obligations and illness have interfered with regular Wednesday posts, but going forward I hope to be more consistent.

In the next year I will explore whatever is of interest to me as well as some excerpts from my Works-in-Progress. I am planning to return to my Princess Crowley and Freeman the Dragon tale as well as writing about books, art and of course, the writing life.


Many thanks for reading my musings. I appreciate your support and encouragement.