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Wordplay Wednesday: Calling all Word Nerds!

Wordplay Wednesday : Calling all Word Nerds!


Monday, January 9 was National Word Nerd Day. I love having my own special day, don’t you? I am an unabashed, unapologetic Word Nerd. I love words of all kinds, phrases, quotes, poems, word puzzles, word games and of course stories and books!

I am an habitual word collector and I have lists of words I love everywhere: on index cards, scraps of paper, receipts, bookmarks, notebooks and so on. I am an insatiable reader and when I read I keep a pen and some kind of paper close by to record words or phrases I want to savor, remember and use in my writing.

I also love learning new words. Just this week a fabulous artist and fellow Word Nerd shared a new term which is so perfect: “OKOMO” which refers to a person who is beautiful inside and out. My friend who shared the word is exactly that and I aspire to be a OKOMO, too.


Some words are just so much fun to say or have such wonderful meanings that they deserve special attention. The following are some of my favorites from recent reading. Try reading the words aloud and you will see what I mean. If any are unfamiliar, look them up.


accoutrements   opalescent   impertinent vociferous numinous

festooned   unfathomable   exultation   jubilant beseeched

insurmountable   conciliatory giddy   luminous stupendous

ethereal frivolity nostalgia traipsing unquenchable cantankerous


Eventually, my gathered words are archived into my Lexicon, which is my word book where I formally collect words. I use a sewn, bound notebook for this purpose. I have a section each for nouns, verbs and adjectives, plus in the back I make word lists: color words ( periwinkle, azure, chambray, cerulean, lapis, cobalt, indigo), names of trees, breeds of chickens and so on. Intentionally collecting the words and periodically reading through my Lexicon is a way of growing my vocabulary and improving the quality of my writing. Plus it’s fun!


I encourage you to collect words that are new to you or that you love and use them whenever you can in your conversations or writing.


Do you have some favorite words? I would love for you to share! Word Nerds UNITE!




  1. Patricia L. Brooks

    January 11, 2017 at 11:55 pm

    It has been a LONG time since I have written anything that could not be understood at a fifth grade reading level! YIKES! Writing for business will do that for you, as well as, writing to families with small children. My enlarged vocabulary has waned over the years; however, I do have some personal favorites! Such as: peripatetic… vestiges… laconic…pithy…taciturn…philanthropic…reticent…joyous…quixotic…Germaine…passion…phenomenal…brilliant…festooned…splendid…idealistic…superb…
    Thank you for reminding me to stretch myself. Now that I have backed away from a business career and am living in an enlightened, well educated, creative community , it is time to start using a fun and energetic voice in my communications!

    • I love your word list, Patricia! Peripatetic, laconic, quixotic and so on. You reminded me of those and other forgotten favorites! I think we all need to challenge one another to aspire to higher thinking and expression. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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