This time of year  in our country we turn our eyes toward gratitude and thankfulness. Sometimes it may feel cliché to talk about being thankful, but it is an important and necessary part of being human.  All cultures have ceremonies and seasons of thanksgiving in which they enumerate their blessings.  Being able to reflect on the positive aspects of our lives and circumstances helps keep us balanced emotionally, relationally and cognitively. No matter what life throws at us, we can find specific, maybe small, things to appreciate in our unique situation.

Sometimes it takes some reframing or reflection, but if you have an attitude of awareness,  you can think of many things that you enjoy and can be thankful for in your every day life.

Sarah Breathnach  challenged people to keep a gratitude journal when she appeared on Oprah years ago. She advocated making a daily list of 10 things in the journal. Ann Voskamp in her book 1,000 Gifts, challenges the reader to keep thinking of items, both  small and large, until the list numbers 1,000. You cannot make a list of that size without having your mindset altered.

My challenge is for you to make a list of things for which you are thankful. Perhaps you can turn the list into a poem, prayer or essay. The second challenge is to read your writing aloud today. You can share it with family or friends as you gather around a table or you can speak it out loud to the Creator who made all good things for His people to enjoy or you can go outside and share it with the Universe.

Saying the words aloud creates energy . A voice raised in thanks is a powerful force that can be contagious. May we spread an attitude of gratitude this day and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!