Wordplay Wednesday: Stories in the Music


As my husband and I returned from a beach trip over the weekend we had our satellite radio turned to an oldies station. Confession: on long car trips we like to sing along to hits from the 60’s. Neither of us has much of a singing voice, but we enjoy singing and laughing and remembering the songs of that era. We each  have associations and memories connected to certain songs and we often discuss those along the way. That got me to thinking about using song titles as writing prompts.


Music is a powerful medium. It can stimulate memories, help us make connections between ideas and prompt strong visual images.

Below I have included a list of song titles along with the original artist and the year  each came out.  I am sure that you could think up others of your favorites as well.

Here are two suggestions for using the song titles as prompts:

1.     Choose a familiar title on the list or one of your own and write down memories you associate with that song. Let a song take you down memory lane.

2.     Choose a song title that you do not recognize and simply create a story, poem, essay, or art piece based on what the words bring to mind. Let a song  title inspire you.



The list below is in no particular order. They are simply titles I thought would be fun to play  around with.

River Deep, Mountain High   Ike and Tina Turner 1966

Moonlight Drive  The Doors 1967

Foreclosure of a Dream  Megadeth 1992

There is a Light That Never Goes out  The Smiths 1992

You Can’t Always Get What You Want  Rolling Stones 1969

Wish You Were Here  Pink Floyd 1975

In the Wee Small Hours of The Morning  Frank Sinatra 1955

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face  Roberta Flack 1969

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For  U2 1987

What a Wonderful World   Louis Armstrong 1968

She Talks to Rainbows  The Ramones 1995

I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself   Dusty Springfield 1964

Imagine   John Lennon 1971

God Only Knows   The Beach Boys 1966

Let it Be  The Beatles 1970

Can you add to the list?  Did an idea reveal itself? I would love to hear what you come up with.