Wordplay Wednesday: The Passionate Writer


Today we are going to talk about passion. No, not  the steamy romance chick-lit  version. Instead we are going to explore how passion can help you discover topics for your writing.  So grab your writer’s notebook  or a piece of paper and a pen. You are going to answer some questions that will lead you to your passions. Strong  emotions, desires or interests are what drive great writing. 

Set a timer for 15 minutes. Spend about 5 minutes per section. You can always come back and add more ideas later if needed.


When you were a child, say 6-10 years old, what did you like to do? What were your hobbies or pastimes? What games did you play? What activities did your family do together? What did you want to be when you grew up? Who was significant in your life? What were you afraid of?


When you were a teenager, what music or groups did you listen to most often? What did you do with your friends?  What relationships created lasting memories? What clubs or organizations did you join? How did you decide on a career or calling? What significant event shaped your teenage years? What place made a lasting impression on you? What worried you?


As an adult, what do you do to relax and unwind?  What is your ideal vacation spot and activity? What sports do you play or watch? What TV shows do you enjoy? What groups are you a part of? What political, social or religious convictions do you hold? What inspires you? What makes you joyful? What makes you angry? What moves you to tears? What do you fear?


Look back over your list. Do you see any patterns emerge? What memories did the questions evoke? You should have fodder for many writing projects. You can find memoir, poetry, essays or even fiction lurking in your list.

Choose an idea, opinion, or event  that has power bubbling beneath the surface and start writing! 

I will start my list here and post a piece of writing on Friday.



 What I liked to do: play outdoors, climb trees, hike in the woods, read, write, play board games, cook with my grandmother, go camping, Girl Scouts, play piano, draw, paint, make art with Dad, sing, astronomy, play school, walk in the rain, play with dolls, ride my bike, jump rope, catch fireflies, catch lizards and bugs. I wanted to be  a writer, an artist, a teacher,  opthamologist, a mother. I was afraid of the dark and the nameless whatever that lurked under my bed and in my closet at night. I was afraid of Halloween and scary movies.

In just that portion  there are so many stories waiting to be written.  As soon as I started typing images, faces and memories started flooding my brain. I will be coming back to this list again and again.

I hope you find many story seeds in this exercise as well.  Choose one and get started.

Happy Writing!