Wordplay Wednesday:  Reading as Inspiration


Often I am asked where I get writing ideas. My response is usually that I have so many ideas that I have to tell them to take a number. In reality I get ideas from many sources which I will enumerate  over the next few weeks.

Often my inspiration comes from reading. Recently I read Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear,  by  Elizabeth Gilbert.  It is a joyous, enthusiastic book filled with her philosophy and advice on pursuing a creative life. I read it with a pen and a stack of index cards close at hand. When I came across a phrase, word or quote that resonated with me I jotted it down on a card. I ended up with at least 30 cards.

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This week’s prompts are all taken from Gilbert’s book. Choose a prompt, set your timer for 10 minutes and see what  happens. As always, keep your hand moving until time is up. If your writing has energy and momentum, keep going!

A wild and unexpected gift from the universe

A whimsical rant

The usual rules do not apply

An emotional minefield

Miraculous turn of fate

 pen-writing-notes-studying girl

Happy Writing!


Last week, I challenged you to think like a teenager and invent  new, cool meanings for some archaic words. I promised to give the  actual definitions for the words this week. Here they are:

Ascercomic –a person whose hair has never been cut

Fanfaronade-swaggering, empty boasting

Hamartia- a tragic character flaw

Afreet-  a powerful Jinn in Arabian mythology

Bindlestiff- a tramp, hobo

bardolatry a humorous, excessive admiration of Shakespeare

Erf- a plot of land

Gobermouche – a gullible listener

 Nugacity- frivolity

Mollitious- luxurious

Pyknic-   having a stocky physique

Shamal- a hot, dry wind

Martlet-  a fourth son

Bannock- a flat cake

Did you find any inspiration now that you know the definitions ?


Can you find a writing idea lurking in your reading material this week?

I would love to hear about it!