Wordplay Wednesday:  Tonight Show Style


This morning I watched a YouTube clip of Lin-Manuel Miranda ( star of “Hamilton” on Broadway) creating  spontaneous raps on the Tonight Show  using a random word generator called Wheel of Freestyle.  It was fun and cool.  I recommend you go find it and watch it.


So, of course my Word Nerdy Wild Child wanted to play too.  I do not rap but I thought that I could play by   using  my version of  a word generator.

On the video, Jimmy Fallon tapped the word generator and three words popped up in a row, which Lin-Manuel Miranda then used in the order they appeared. I noticed that all of the words in each round were nouns or proper nouns.

I decide to go with those two parameters in my version. Here’s what I did:

I decided to make  21 cards, thinking that would give me plenty of  combinations when dealt out.

I  found words by looking through the New York Times Book review from this past Sunday. I flipped pages and wrote nouns that my gaze landed on.  I ended up with some interesting words. 

I decided ahead of time that   instead of raps, I would create haiku for my medium.

They are not literary,  but they did adhere to the parameters.

I shuffled my cards and  dealt out three words in a row.

For my first set I got:   Cinderella     family    emperor

Cinderella  lost

Her first family, but she

Wed an emperor.


For my second turn I dealt : spider web  honeymoon  revolution

A spider web would

Not be a fly’s honeymoon

Nor revolution.


One more turn:     magic   lab  guest

In a magic lab

Would I want to be the guest

Or  the magician?


For fun, try making your own word generator and see what you can create from your words.

Maybe a rap, a poem, or story will emerge.

Have fun with words!