Playing with Pangrams.

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Today we are playing with pangrams.



A pangram is a sentence containing all of the letters of the alphabet. The most famous one is “ The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.”  Every letter is used at least once.


The hurdles in making a pangram are trying to make one with the fewest possible letters while still having it make sense.

It is not as easy as you might think to satisfy both criteria, but it is fun to try.


Here goes:

Peter, James, and Finn quickly bashed and vetoed Max’s crazy web game idea.

This contains 59 letters.


Here’s another:


Fitzroy maxed out his card on cheap, bangled jewels for Queen Varkla.

This is 54 letters long.




The harder challenge is to create one with fewer than 50 letters.

Lets’ see if I can get one that is shorter:


Pax’s crazy, evil emu, Fabio, juggled toward the quicksand.

That contains 46 letters.


The tricky part is using those pesky, uncommon letters: J,V, Q, X, Z. Try to get them out of the way first by using them in names. The more common letters like vowels and S, T, N, usually take care of themselves.

My method is to first write the letters of the alphabet across the top of my paper.  I start playing around with words and phrases and see what happens. As I use a letter I cross it  out at the top of the page. Sometimes , I will have a great sentence but I end up with a letter  or two that won’t play with the others. It takes a bit of finagling but after a few minutes a sentence will emerge.

Try your hand at creating pangrams. It is a fun, mind-stretching way to play with words!