Story Generator Writing : The Ambivalent Dragon


On Wednesday I wrote about using a story generator exercise to jump-start your writing by using a word list grid, a six-sided die, and a fill-in-the-blank  story -starter.

Today I am posting my word list and the beginning of my story.  While you can choose words at random for your list, I wanted to write an imaginary  story, so my word choices reflect this.

I am quite happy with what I came up with. Once I got started the story almost wrote itself. It was the most fun I have had in a writing session in a while.  At first I was dismayed that “enormous” came up twice when I rolled, but it worked out quite well.  In a final draft I might change one of the words and substitute a synonym, but for now I left it as it was rolled. The story was becoming really long and it is not finished,  so I am posting Part 1 today.  Real life calls me this afternoon!

I will continue the story next week.

Adjective        Character       Place               Item                Verb                Proper Name

1. proud         troll                 moat               flower             tiptoed            Freeman

2.enormous    princess          forest              sword             ran                  Paris

3. thoughtful  hen                 meadow         book                stumbled        Munro

4.ambivalent  apprentice     village             jug                   shuffled          Brownlow

5. sneaky        crone              marketplace   wand              ambled           Crowley

6. glittering    dragon            desert             pencil              twirled            Larkin

 The prompt is in italics with the words I used from the tossing of the die are underlined. Then I continued the story. Here’s what I came up with.


One day an ambivalent dragon named  Freeman  found himself lost in a forest.  Luckily he had brought his enormous  pencil. As Freeman stumbled along he realized an enormous princess  was following close behind. 

Freeman was a bit frightened by the sight of the enormous princess in this unfamiliar part of the forest. She was at least twice his size and the expression on her face was murderous.  He glanced over his shoulder. Her giant strides were bringing her nearer and nearer to him. The close crowding of the trees against his large wings and long tail made it hard for him to move any faster.  He looked around for a way of escape but the forest was becoming even more dense.

From behind him Freeman heard, “Stop right there, dragon!” The princess’ roar shook the leaves from the trees  and caused Freeman to drop his pencil.


He stopped and leaned over to pick it up wishing he could become invisible. Alas, that was not one of his powers and unfortunately,  neither was breathing fire. His greatest power seemed to be finding himself  in trouble when he really just wanted to be left alone. Whenever anyone saw a dragon they immediately went into fight mode.  For perhaps the thousandth time, Freeman wished he had been born an elf or a pixie. No one tried fighting them.


The princess took three more huge steps and towered over Freeman who pointed his pencil at her because he could think of nothing else to do. He remembered a quote he had read somewhere, “ The pen is mightier than the sword. “ Maybe a pencil was mightier than a giant, angry princess.

Her frown was replaced with a puzzled look and then a smile. She held out her hand for Freeman’s pencil, which he handed over after a moment’s hesitation.  The princess no longer looked as if she wanted to kill him, but she appeared quite strong.

 She  studied the large yellow pencil for a moment and then handed it back.“ I have two questions for you, dragon.”

Freeman nodded, but did not speak.

Come back for Part 2 next week! Until then, Happy Writing!