Word Collage Poetry



On Wednesday, I wrote about making word collages as a another way to play with words and develop ideas for writing. It also leaves you with a fun artsy project you can keep, share, or display.


Word Collage is a great addition to a journal. If you keep a mixed media art journal, it is another tool to add to the mix. You can also use it to make fun personalized cards for friends or family.


I cut up some old Writer’s Digest and Our State magazines to create my word stash.

I went back though my pile and played around for a while, sorting and rearranging words and phrases not sure what I would end up with. That is the fun and playfulness of this activity. You discover as you go and there’s no pressure.


I ended up with 2 products : a haiku and a free- form poem.


I pasted my haiku onto a portion of a page I cut from an old art book I bought at the used bookstore. I attached my other poem to a page I made in a printing class last weekend.  Creating the poems was a fun process and one I will be sure to repeat, especially when I need fresh inspiration.


My poems are shown below.

Below each photo I am printing the words since they are difficult to see. The second one is especially busy with the background.



on your bucket list

Reach for the stars    Live the Dream

cultivate your spirit


Free- form poem





Writers WRITE      BE   writing

Feast on       words    language  books


WRITE     Right Now


I hope you enjoy word collage and have fun creating your own.