Colorful Connections



Today in Wordplay Wednesday we are returning to list-making as a way of generating ideas for writing projects. This is one of my favorite techniques for tapping into the creative child within that is waiting to be invited out to play. If you doubt that your “inner kid” is still there, try this activity and see what happens.

pexels-photo-27559 play

~ I want you to look around your space and when something catches your eye, write down the color of that object. If that feels too random, pick your favorite color and write it down.


~Give yourself 10 minutes to write down everything you can think of associated with that color. You cam list objects, expressions or song lyrics that contain that color, synonyms and anything else you associate with it. One word may lead to another in what appears to be a random manner. Go with it. That is your brain making its path. Anything you think of is OK.

startup-photos design

~Keep writing for the full 10 minutes. The first items on the list are usually easy. I have discovered some of my best ideas when I get beyond the obvious words and stretch my mind a bit.


~When your list is complete, read back over it. What ideas, thoughts or memories emerge? There’s a memoir, story, poem or piece of art lurking there. Go create!

startup-photos project

This exercise could be repeated many times using different colors. The possibilities are endless.

These color word lists would make a great addition to your lexicon ( word book). A separate section could be created with a page devoted to each color.


Here’s my list. I chose gray because I happen to be wearing a gray sweatshirt at the moment.

pexels-photo-28934 gray

gray grey cloud mist smoke “ smoke gets in your eyes” fog mist rain sad a gray day rain charcoal cold colorless shadows shadowy dim twilight smoky steely steel lead leaden heavy grief sadness headstone cemetery silver silvery haired grandmother beard great- grandfather graphite pencil draw sketch pewter metal metallic pebble ashes mourning dove pigeon ghost ghostly ephemeral stone sorrow depression slate mountain



There are many possibilities waiting in those words. On Friday I will post my piece based on this list.



What did you come up with?