“If your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough.”

pexels-photo brave

I have heard this statement many times and actually uttered it on Wednesday to a friend of mine who has taken on a big dream of her own. I have thought about those words since I said them to her partly because I am finally beginning to understand what they mean.

Today I am celebrating some brave, creative, and passionate women that I am honored to call friends. All of them in their different spheres are taking on new challenges and projects and dreaming big dreams.

The friend I spoke to this week, Jen P., owns a consignment shop that sells furniture, clothing , and jewelry she creates.  Until recently she rented space in an antique mall. When she was given two months notice to vacate she decided it was time to take her dream to the next level. She is opening her own enormous marketplace that will have room for her to expand her own business, plus have room for many other small vendors to set up shops. Her plans include adding studios for artists, vendors of all kinds,  services such as hair stylists and  tattoo artists, a market for food and craft beers and more. It is a massive undertaking but she is stepping out in faith that this is where God is leading her. Find her at www.sardismarketplace.com.

Another friend, Jen W., is an artist.  She took an art class several years ago and wholeheartedly embraced the creative process. Jen has become a well- known teacher whose classes are always filled with eager students because of her gentle and whimsical approach to art. She has placed her art on magazine covers, flags, notecards and more,  and has just this week added a line of gorgeous clothing. Jen is continually pushing herself to learn new techniques and methods to improve her art. She is putting herself and her art out into the world with courage and commitment to her work both as a creator and an entrepreneur.


 Paula discovered her talent and passion in one of Jen W.’s art classes just last year. The class was on doodling , which is a meditative art form consisting of  creating intricate patterns  and pictures with ink. Paula was a natural at doodling from the beginning. Her skill with intricate, flowing designs is amazing. She has since sold several of her works and just got back from an intensive 5 day training to be a certified Zentangle instructor. She will be teaching classes of her own soon. Paula found her niche and is now taking her talents to new heights.

 Mary is a talented photographer. She has developed her hobby of taking pictures into an amazing skill. Her nature photos have won many prizes and much acclaim. She now has a website that features her stunning work and she leads photography classes and tours. She honed her talents by taking classes, experimenting with new techniques, and spending hours focused on learning everything she could about her passion.


I am inspired by each of these extraordinary women.  They are daring greatly to reach for their dreams. They are inspiring me to do the same.  My dream is to get my books published. It scares me to think of all that is involved, some of which I feel I am not prepared or naturally suited for, but I am going for it.

 As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “ Do something every day that scares you.”

I am using that as my mantra and my creative friends as my role models.

Do you have a big enough dream?  Is it to create stories or art?  To open a business or school?  To embark on a new career or go back to school ? To travel or teach classes? Does the prospect of following through and doing instead of just dreaming scare you?  If it does, then you have found the right dream.

“If your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough.”

What is your dream?