February 29, 2016 Leap Day/Launch Day !



So this morning while walking the dog I decided I wanted to write about Leap Day and my recommendations for how it should be observed. I knew right away that it would make a great blog post if only my blog was up and running. To be quite frank, I have had major technical difficulties with Word Press and I had temporarily abandoned dealing with the blog  frustrations to focus on the final draft of my novel.

As I was composing my Leap Day essay in my head, a daring thought intruded : Why not go ahead and launch the blog, warts and all, and make this my first post. I am Leaping into the blogosphere on Leap Day! I guess I can tweak and figure things out as I go, but delaying anymore is fruitless. So here goes!


In my opinion Leap Day should become a national holiday with schools, banks and government offices closed.

It should be a day to spend engaging in personal pursuits and choices with no expectations of special meals, parties, gifts or cards. No shopping required either. Leap Day should be a day of freedom, rest and choices, not performance or guilt as so many other holidays tend to produce.

The day could be spent with family and friends or alone. It would be about relaxation and enjoyment, whatever that means for each person.

11  Suggestions for Leap Day

Sleep in and stay in your pj’s all day.

Eat whatever and whenever you like. No diets or calorie counting.

Spend the day catching up on your reading or Netflix shows or movies. No apologies for whatever you read or watch, from comic books to comedies.

Spend time on a neglected favorite pastime or hobby.  Dust off the sewing machine, find those art supplies, fire up the workshop tools or work on that 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

~Spend some time outdoors in nature if feasible. Go for a walk or a bike ride.  As it is the end of February, look around for signs of coming spring: emerging buds or shoots, birds returning and singing, perhaps even  some early flowers or blossoms.

Spend time in prayer or thanksgiving for an extra day of life.

Take a nap or just sit and let your mind wander and rest.

Spend the day volunteering for a favorite charity or  organization.

Have a picnic. if it’s raining or cold, have it inside.

Be a kid again for a while: Build a blanket fort and read or nap inside.

Visit a park or natural area. Walk, play basketball,  kickball, tag, or hide-go-seek.


I am sure ingenious and creative souls could add many choices to the list. The main takeaway is that Leap Day, as an extra day that occurs once every four years, should be anticipated with joy and a sense of fun. A “free to be” day!

What suggestions could you add to the list?

Happy Leap Day! If you cannot celebrate as you wish today, you have four years to plan for the next one! Let’s do this and in 2020 make Leap Day a truly special day!


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